09 janvier 2011


Whether a beginner to Tarot cards or a seasoned diviner, to read tarot cards, you need a set of tarot cards!

So, how do you choose a set of tarot cards? After all the cards are personal to you.

A set of tarot cards can become very personal items indeed. When we need answers, and these answers can not

be seen, then we need to utilize other tools, such as tarot cards. As we fringe on the spiritual, the

spiritual is personal.

The tarot cards do not simply give answers to all who use them. Tarot cards must be respected, and a bond

created. So, the first point in selecting tarot cards is to find tarot cards that you feel a bond to. This

bond can just be the individuality of the cards, that express you or perhaps any other factor such as a gut

feeling that these tarot cards is the right one to buy.

When buying tarot cards online, the process is the same. Simply look at the pictures, and listen to your gut

feeling, your intuition. If the cards simply stand out, even though all the pictures are all the same size,

and the others fade, while this set looks vibrant in a spiritual sense, then that may be the best tarot card

set to buy.

Another consideration is the price, when buying tarot cards. There are many different sets of tarot cards

that you can buy. If it is your first time at tarot, remember that you don't need to go for the most

expensive set.

Purchasing tarot cards should be done with respect. Though there are very cheap tarot cards available, you

want to find a set that is both within your budget, and also one which you will value.

If you are a seasoned diviner, then you may want a more expensive set, though this is not necessary. Cheap

and expensive sets do the same thing in essence. Though treating yourself with a good set can be fun.

However, to stop yourself from selecting the most expensive, and beautiful sets, consider your budget first.

Setting a budget before buying a set of tarot cards, can allow you to stay focused, and find a set. All too

often, you can get stuck on trying to find the best set or end up buying several sets. Setting a budget keeps

us focused.

Another point before closing this article is that of the style and type of tarot cards, you want to buy. For

example, there are tarot cards for sale that have themes or different styles of cards. These styles can be

the Thoth deck or the Rider Waite deck or some of the many other styles. Though they pretty much do the same


Some people question the legitimacy of the tarot cards. For us to be able to get accurate readings from tarot

cards, we will need to understand something. There are 2 ways to understand the meaning of the tarot cards in

a reading, and though one is a guide, the other is essential for accurate readings.

When you first begin to read tarot cards, the only way to start understanding the meaning of tarot cards, is

by looking at a book, on a website or learning from someone. This is a great way to learn about tarot cards,

and begin reading the cards; however it is not the best way.

Yes, you need to learn the meanings. However, these meanings are only a rough guide. Reading tarot cards in

the true sense, is to delve into your intuition to find answers. This is not always easy. Some people find

they have great skills at finding the answers through intuition, while others simply need the book.

Can you divine without using your intuition? Yes, it is possible; however, you will only find that you have

very general meanings. You won't come to understand the true benefits and insights that the tarot cards can

provide you.

Developing intuition takes time. By doing tarot for a number of years, you will find that you can get more of

a picture of what the cards are saying. When you first start reading tarot cards, and having a book with you,

you may be apt to thinking that you need to memorize the meanings. However, I must stress that those meanings

in the tarot book are only a guide.

Understanding the meaning of tarot cards is pretty easy. Either memorize or use intuition. Both work,

however, to get a better understanding of tarot cards, you will need to utilize your intuition.

Again, we are trying to divine not read tarot cards, but in the beginning, it can be an exercise which is

necessary in the beginning. You have to get used to your tarot cards, and more you use them, more personal

they become. Over time, you will find that you and your tarot cards share a bond, and can provide you with

the answers you need.

You maybe thinking that you may not be able to utilize your intuition in the beginning, and that is ok. As

you continue to do tarot, and do tarot readings for others, you will find whether tarot or more importantly

divining is a route you want to go down.

It can be trying times, and tarot is more close to the new age, than the television is! When you first embark

on the journey through finding your own spirituality, you will find many options. Tarot is usually one of

those options. Some of us find that tarot is a great thing in our lives, and we come to understand the

meaning of tarot cards, while others may find other ways of divining, and understanding spirituality, and



If you have ever wanted to find some easy to follow tarot cards instructions then you have come to the right

place. Many people want to learn more about the tarot and using tarot cards, but finding tarot cards

instructions that are geared for beginners can be tricky, especially if you are unsure of what, exactly,

tarot cards are for.

First here is some basic tarot card information: tarot cards are not going to predict the future. They aren't

going to give you answers from the cosmos. What tarot cards do is speak to your intuition. Tarot cards are

not going to tell you anything that some part of you doesn't already know. The card can shed insight into a

current situation or help you figure out answers to problems yourself. Keep that in mind as you read the

following tarot card instructions.

1. Choose your tarot card deck carefully. This is not a normal deck of playing cards or a pack of trading

cards that you are picking up. Each tarot card deck
has its own energy and it is important to take your time in figuring out which deck you feel the most

comfortable with. Look at the illustrations on the cards and pay attention to your senses. You will

eventually find a deck that you feel a connection to and that is the deck you should purchase.

2. Even if you haven't started to learn what each of the cards means, take some time to become familiar with

each of the cards in your tarot card decks. Really look at the illustrations and start figuring out how each

one of the cards fits into the different categories of cards.

3. Begin studying what each of the cards means. Putting meaning to each card is easier if you can easily call

to mind the card when you are reading about it. Sure it is easy enough to do a tarot card spread and then

look up the meaning of each card, but a tarot reading is far more fulfilling if you already know what the

cards mean.

4. The easiest tarot card spread is the three card spread. This card spread gives you insight into the past,

the present and the future that surround the question you are concentrating on. We've already said that tarot

cards cannot predict the future, but they can give you some insight into your feelings about the future. Once

you've mastered the three card reading, you are ready to move on to other card spreads.

These are just a few simple tarot cards instructions. Obviously there are more complicated card spreads and

there are techniques to learning about the individual cards and what they mean. If you are just starting out,

though, hopefully these tarot cards instructions will provide you with enough background information to start

you on your journey to being a practiced reader of the tarot cards. Before you know it, you will be advanced

enough to do readings for other people.

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